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What Should You Do If Your Volkswagen Has a Check Engine Light?

Vista Volkswagen Service Center

Check Engine Light Service: Here for You in Pompano Beach

It’s never fun seeing your Check Engine indicator light popping on as you’re in the middle of a cruise—but not to fear, as Vista Volkswagen Pompano Beach is here to help with service to power off that dreaded light. To make the process as fast and seamless as possible, we hire factory trained and certified technicians who understand how to work on virtually all Volkswagen models (and who have fixed most check engine light issues that come to mind). While you’re here, let us know how else we can help, and we’ll assist in any way possible; after all, you’re not just a customer, you’re a member of the family when you visit us. So, schedule your Volkswagen check engine light service today at Vista Volkswagen Pompano Beach near Coconut Creek to help you avoid a breakdown or serious car trouble that can emerge from something minor.

The Check Engine Light Is On…What Does This Mean?

When you notice your check engine light pop on, that’s your car’s way of telling you something is wrong somewhere. Unfortunately, the actual issue could be nearly anything from something basic like a loose gas cap to a critical problem like a misfiring engine. Whatever the fault, take your vehicle to Vista Volkswagen Pompano Beach, and our technicians will work their hardest to diagnose the issue and restore your vehicle to delivering a premium and exhilarating drive.

So, How Did Your Check Engine Light Turn On?

You have hundreds (if not thousands) of reasons your check engine light could turn on—to give you an idea, here are some of the most common causes our technicians see:

  • Faulty wiring for your plugs
  • Dead battery
  • Damaged catalytic converter
  • Spark plug faults
  • Wiring issues
  • Oxygen sensor problems
  • Malfunctioning alternator
  • Faults with your ignition coil
  • Aftermarket parts that weren’t installed correctly
  • Leaks
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve issues
  • Loose gas cap
  • Engine misfiring
  • Plus much more

That’s only the start of the issues that potentially powered on your check engine light. Thankfully, our techs are experts when it comes to finding problems under your hood (or anywhere on your vehicle for that matter). Plus, our pros also know how to use an OBD scanner, which hooks up to your cruiser and delivers a code that’s related to a check engine light problem, letting our mechanics know where to focus their attention.

Safety First—Should You Drive with the Check Engine Light On?

This answer varies since, again, the issue could be simple and harmless or something severe. However, you can also ask this question another way: Do you want to risk the potential slippery slope of repairs that could result from prolonging a damaged part? In most cases, you won’t—especially if your faulty alternator causes your motor to misfire if not damage your engine beyond repair. Even mild issues like a low battery can leave you stranded if you’re not careful. Thus, we recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible to prevent any extra car damage. If you have questions, you can even give us a call at (844) 662-2986 and our team can help from there.

How Often Should You Schedule Check Engine Light Service?

Unlike most maintenance, you won’t need to schedule a check engine service if your light isn't on. However, don’t be afraid to ask us for assistance if you notice any car issues. Also, take your vehicle to us the instant you notice the check engine light power on as many of these fixes can lead to bigger problems if left unattended. After your service, keep in mind you’ll sometimes need to drive around 40 miles for the light to finally power off—however, if the light remains on, take your car back to us, as we’ll see if there’s an issue.

Vista Volkswagen Pompano Beach: Here for Your Auto Needs

When you see that indicator light pop on, don’t delay your repairs. Schedule service at Vista Volkswagen Pompano Beach near Fort Lauderdale today online to help prevent future issues from ensuing. While you’re here, feel free to also inquire about any other services or questions you have—after all, customer service comes first when you visit us, and our technicians and team are always ready to assist however possible.

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