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Leasing vs Financing: What’s the Difference

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As a premier VW dealership in Pompano Beach, we are pleased to offer a premium collection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles that offer high-performing engine options, bold technology, enhanced safety features and exceptional style. When selecting your next SUV, pickup truck, sedan or hatchback, know that our team is here to assist you with all of your automotive needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond helping you find the right vehicle. We feature expert finance professionals who take a personal approach. Our team will meet with you personally to discuss your car-buying budget and outline the difference between a car lease vs finance auto loan. Know the differences and make an informed choice when working with the highly-qualified team at our Volkswagen dealership. Contact us today to learn about our low auto loan interest rates and lease deals that help you save more at signing.

The Benefits of a Lease

If you’re wondering what the main differences are between leasing vs financing, our team is here to give you all of the details you want and need. When you lease a car, you are basically renting a vehicle for a designated time frame. During this time, you make low monthly payments and drive a high-end vehicle during its most trouble free years.

When you lease vs buy, it’s often more affordable to upgrade to a premium trim level of one of our Volkswagen vehicles, especially when taking advantage of lease deals at Vista VW of Pompano Beach. Leasing a vehicle does require a credit application and you are restricted with mileage limits as stipulated by the lease terms.

However, you get the opportunity to drive a brand new vehicle that features the latest technology and safety features, as well as bold engine options and impressive style. Once the least terms have ended, you simply hand over the keys following an inspection for excess wear and tear. What makes leasing vs financing impressive is that you can swap out your vehicle every 36 months and you get to drive a new vehicle with an active manufacturer’s warranty.

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The Benefits of Auto Financing

When you buy a car, you are choosing to own the vehicle long term. At Vista VW of Pompano Beach, our team is here to outline the benefits of buying vs leasing that include the opportunity to accessorize and customize your chosen vehicle and drive long term without any mileage limits.

If you choose to finance a car, our team will work with you to complete a credit application, seek out the lowest interest rates and find specials and incentives that help you save more at signing. Once you’ve made all monthly payments, you own your car outright, which gives you the freedom to sell it to a third party, keep it or trade it in for a new vehicle at our Volkswagen dealership.

In some cases, your auto insurance may be more affordable when you buy vs lease and you are not required to return the car after a certain time as you would when making lease payments.

Premium Auto Financing Tools

Whether you choose to lease or buy, know that the team at Vista VW of Pompano Beach is with you throughout your car-buying journey. We take a personal approach, but we are also committed to offering convenience with online auto financing and auto lease tools. Whether you choose leasing vs financing, know that online car buying is a viable option.

From the comfort of your own home, you can browse our collection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles and access model research, vehicle specs and images of all vehicles in stock. Once you decide to buy or lease a vehicle, our auto financing tools online allow you to value your trade to learn what your car is worth, estimate monthly payments and complete a no-obligation credit application.

Our finance professionals will then get in touch to present you with the differences between a lease vs finance loan, available auto finance and lease deals and details about taxes and fees. Once the paperwork is complete, all you need to do is just schedule home delivery.

Making the Choice: Leasing vs Financing

You have plenty of options when it comes to leasing vs financing at Vista Volkswagen of Pompano Beach. Our primary goal is to ensure we enhance your car-buying experience. We are pleased to offer upfront, transparent pricing, as well as incentives and discounts with auto finance and lease deals.

Learn more about how to save more at signing and drive a high-powered vehicle you want and need when contacting the team at our Volkswagen dealership.

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